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The Lantern

A Place of Exploration

The lantern was designed as a monument to provide a venue to let the public and visitors to sense the power of the architecture and lighting.  

When the public or visitors walking from the harbour city to the forecourt, THE LANTERN would stand at the end of the visual corridor and catch their attention. The journey experience would be like the people walking to a chapel in the old town for worship in the past ( a place for mediation and exploration.)

Stepping into the middle of THE LANTERN from a small entrance is like a mind-bending experience of space. There is a large void (cave shape) with a high headroom built in the 3D grid structure, which creates a big contrast in between outside and inside to let the visitors to calm down and sense the space. Equipped with an array of colour-changing lights and mist diffuser, the dramatic visual changes could be achieved and bring various visual experience and spatial quality to the visitor.


Front Court, Harbour City,

Hong Kong, China


Art Installation


Conceptual Design



Design Team: 

Kenneth Wong

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