Tai Kwun 

Centre for Heritage & Arts

(with Herzog & de Meuron)

The former Central Police Station, the Central Magistracy and the Victoria Prison is a walled compound of heritage buildings at the commercial centre of Hong Kong Island. Established by the British after 1841 as the colony’s main police station, magistracy, and prison, the site is one of Hong Kong’s most important remaining historic monuments. Following its decommission in 2006, the entire compound was vacated, leaving a set of open grounds and a collection of unique buildings. From an urban perspective, it is a rare “courtyard” in the middle of one of the densest cities in the world. As a historical presence, the site reveals the city’s colonial past, standing in sharp contrast to the surrounding commercial towers of today.


Hong Kong, China


Msueum, F&B, Commerical


Completed in 2018

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