Rebar Playground

WKCD Temporary Pavilion

Construction is an always on-going phenomenon observed in Hong Kong. Every bit of the city is constantly being renewed and updated, resulting in construction sites of infrastructure, land reclamation, demolition of old edifices, etc.


Beyond all hardscape observed in our built environment, what lies in the innermost layer is a three dimensional lattice of steel rebars reinforcing our buildings and city. Without any solid wall and floor that defines hard boundaries of our living spaces, these core structures compose a highly porous domain which we believe could house urban events. This is how we come up with Rebar Playground - a naked version of our city where human interaction is catalyzed through a playground-like experience.


Hong Kong, China




Conceptual Design



Design Team:       

Kenneth Wong,

Cyrus Wong,

Shirley Woo,

Dannes Kok