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A Touch of Nature

Lagoa Comprida Lake Bathhouse

From a distance one sees a plane floating above the landscape serenely as if a slice of cloud floating amidst the valley with its mountainous backdrop.


The hiking path along the Lagoa Comprida extends all the way to the east end of the lake and leads visitors to the Site Lake Baths. This path meanders through the natural topography and winds through a number of habitable volumes.


The journey is not merely a bath experience but also a series of encounter with natural wonders: forest, flora, lake, boulders and cliff. One twists in and out of the building boxes, journeying between interior and exterior, bathing the light and the dark, sensing movement and stillness.


It is a place where nature exists as spatial elements; a ground that allows one to experience and to uncover the most honest side of mother nature.


This is the Lagoa Comprida Lake Baths, a realization of nature as architecture.



Serra da Estrela, Portgual




2nd Prize Winner, Arkxsite -Lake Baths International Design Competition



Design Team:     

 Kenneth Wong,

Cyrus Wong,

Jin Chen,

Adrian Yau

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