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Reverie  山城 · 微澗

a ethereal moment of retreat with the flow

Public Toilet Concept Design Competition

Public toilet embodies both intimacy and a civic nature within its role. In addition to providing the city with a hygienic sanitary space  for the public to get their relief conveniently, the design aim to elevate the civic presence of public toilet within the city while creating a spontaneous atmosphere and an ethereal personal moment of retreat.


Our proposal put forward a multi-layered system to capture the abundance of natural light, air and our cityscape to serve the functional facilities, street pockets and a pleasant shelter. A space where people could be submerged in their own temporal moments, no matter is a grandpa getting his hands washed, a mother changing the diaper for her baby or a business man getting a relief amid his hectic day. We hope to introduce a new way of perceiving the public toilet as an integrated social architecture to embrace the movements of our city and conjuring a refreshing impression to the often-considered mundane space.


The Pavilion and an airy environment

An open and perforated piece of pavilion floats among us, it is an adaptable and progressively growing structure that multiplies and unites spaces, accommodate different provisions to the spaces below. Sunlight at different times of the day permeated through the roof structure and interventions. It shall become a causal node of the city, and be able to exist in various contexts in Hong Kong. A civic building serve not solely the functional purpose, the existence provides opportunities for multifaceted social activities , and one of such to be pockets allowing resting, lingering or simply a shelter from rain.


The Basic

We approached the design with a holistic and bottom-up strategy, treating the smallest element - the toilet cubicles - with equal importance to the rest of the building and have no untreated corners. A unique moment during the ‘business’ is celebrated with sensuous views to the natural landscape through the blurry polycarbonate, and one will feel the movement of wind and shades during the most inconspicuous act. The modules are also designed to minimize junctions and material joints for better maintenance.


The modular cubicles are prefabricated in two portions- with lower part as precast concrete with color variations by pigments, and upper part as lightweight polycarbonate illuminated by the embedded light strip, with sensor to increase the lighting when it’s in use, giving a dynamic appearance from the exterior. With Modular-Integrated-Construction in consideration, the modules could be configured to multiply and adapt to different site arrangements organically with the use of various connection modules. They are carefully designed and positioned strategically to create a flowy environment for smooth physical circulation and cross ventilations.


Roof system

A mutli-layer roof composed by a number of functional and sustainable fittings is proposed, including solar harvesting system, strategic openings to facilitate cross ventilation, mechanical ventilation, weather-proof shelter and greenery. The grid roof system and the vertical support are to be fabricated off-site and assembled on-site, with in-situ on-grade slab or raft footing subject to each site’s geotechnical conditions. The specially designed grid system fabricated by brushed-finished steel allowed easy application of various roofings, interventions and mechanical systems even during operation. The same structure could be adapted to different functional layout of the spaces below.



The basin module consists of all basic elements: water and soap dispenser, paper dispenser, dryer, mirror and trash bin. The fluorocarbon coated aluminium construction of the module is corrosion resistant and can be installed in both interior and exterior environment. Baby-care table is designed as designated space with curved treatment to enhance safety level; the resulted environment and atmosphere shall revamp the image of our public toilet as considerate, modern and user-friendly.


Attendant working environment

The attendant room and service facilities are specially designed to promote healthy and pleasant work environment to the staff of the toilets. Lockers are equipped in the attendant room with seating. Part of the seat is right outside the attendant room for easy management. A special module of slop sink is created with the integration of racks and hooks for cleaning tools to promote tidiness in every corners of the public toilet.



提案建議著一個綜合了大自然觀景的多層系統,使公用廣場、涼亭及功能性設施同時發生,使人們能夠隨意簡單的使用。 在這裡,老爺爺可以進出使用洗手間、母親為剛出生的嬰兒更換尿布、或讓忙碌的商人能夠坐下看看天空的地方。這是一種融合了社會結構的建築,帶給我們香港公共服務建築令人耳目一新的印象。








我們採用自下而上的策略來進行設計,將最微小的元素: 廁所隔間以同等的重要與建築物的其餘部分去並同處理。在去洗手間時的這個獨特片刻,我們通過模糊的聚碳酸酯片使自然景觀得以進入使用者的感官,令在最不起眼的小事中,我們仍能感受到風雨的境像。這些模組的設計還能減少結點和內角,使長遠的維護及清潔更簡單容易。


模組的隔間以上下兩部分進行預製: 下部為加入了色粉的預製混凝土,並在不同的社區環境下體現出不同質感色調; 而上部為輕質聚碳酸酯,加上嵌入LED照明燈槽及傳感器,令模組在被使用時可增加照明亮度,帶出動感及不停變化的外觀。















Public Toilet


Conceptual Design



Design Team:                           

Kenneth Wong/ Wong Lap Ming/ Wendy Hiu

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