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The Entropy Garden

Public Open Space

(Design Competition 1 + 1 for Expansion of Hong Kong Science Museum & Hong Kong Museum of History) 

Inspired by the global phenomenon of climate changes, territorial alterations and natural crisis, the pattern of formation was studied and translated into a diagrammatic representation.

The proposal involves a landform of wilderness as interpretation of the cracks of glacier plateau and drought soil, which allow rare species and soil segments to be revealed, and a simple mass of gallery to provide opportunity of sentimental reflection and educational exhibition.


Upon entering the garden after visiting the informative and exciting exhibitions of each Science Museum Halls, one would find themselves arriving to a porous and transparent event space which was defined by the ever changing growth of the natural habitat. The visited landform will be pre-defined with minimal circulation and event spaces arrangement, and allow the species to grow in reaction to the local habitat.


The natural habitat created on the roof and through the abstract reflections of the elevated object will let one submerge in the unexpected arrival experience to the complete wilderness of the cityscape surrounded. This rare phenomenon situated within the urban context was interpreted into rings of terrain and variations of rare species and density, creating interesting and mysterious scenery of unfamiliar objects and atmosphere which will allow people to end the journey in the Science Museum with another layer of stimulation, and encourage further desire to explore.


The floating reflective geometrical mass respecting the existing architectural form does not only serve as a platform of tranquility with view to both urban context and natural habitat, letting one to reflect and meditate throughout the journey, but also a gallery for projection and digital display for exhibiting of useful and educational information to the visitors.

The reflection of one side facing the museum mass shall create an abstract effect of infinite garden, defining a calm and peaceful environment in-between. While the side facing the city is installed with a semi-transparent glass balustrade, allowing one to view the city; and also be able to act as a stage for events, lecture, talk or performance.


Both the gallery and natural terrain will work together to form a series of pockets and events space which are capable of growth. It’s capacity of growth and heal shall reflect the opportunities to our Earth with the support of the human population achieving the state of equilibrium.


Public Open Space


Conceptual Design (Merit Award)



Design Team:                           

Kenneth Wong/ Wong Lap Ming/ Wendy Hiu/ Tong Man Kan

The Entropy Garden
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